Web Sites At one time I had many links to web sites I had created over the last few years, however I'm now in the process of creating screen shots of some of those sites to show here instead of just linking to them.
Check back in a week or two and I should have this part of the site updated.


FTP Hunter This application is currently in production and has an approximate release date of March 1 / 2004. This product is an FTP program that will have functionality for server file search and replace. The product will allow for specific file/directory search and replace.
Sports Forecaster This will be a website dedicated to sports. It will eventually act somewhere in-between a sports forum, and a sports news site. Most of it will be laid out similar to a news article site, however the main feature is that anyone will be able to write their own articles, or argue other peoples articles. I'm not sure exactly how it will be moderated yet, but I imagine only those who have written decent articles a certain amount of times will get their articles posted on the main pages. The name Sports Forecaster was my original idea, however the ".com" is already taken, therefore the name of the site is still to be determined. This is a completely non-profit project, and will remain a free site.


Technical Support Application I would like to create a turn key online technical support application written in PHP, and utilizing a MySQL database (which would eventually grow to support additional relational databases).